i-tech NZ Limited will help your organisation protect and secure all technology resources and information assets, both physical information and information systems, ensuring that your data and information remains confidential
We believe the Consequences of Inadequate IT Security can lead to:
Damage of reputation – unsatisfactory practices leading to loss of credibility and business, loss of clients.
Loss of the Firms assets – Inability to recover lost information leading to loss of business and revenue/market share.
Loss of intellectual property.
Loss of privacy.
Loss of quality of service.
Unauthorised access through dial-in and internet services.
Confidential information lost through the increasing mobility of laptops
What are the different types of threats to IT Security?
Competitive Intelligence
Corporate Espionage
Trade Secrets Theft
Viruses, Worms and Trojans
Denial of Service
Hackers, Vandals and Disgruntled ex-employees
How we can help and do?
Understand Your Obligations to protect information assets
. Adhere to IT Security Policies and Standards.
Implement Tips and Best Practices.
Make security part of a Daily Routine
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How we put IT Security at it’s Best Practices:
Data Confidentiality.
Password Security.
Email Security.
Internet Security and Misuse.
The Virus Threat.
Protection of Laptops and Desktops.