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VOIP – Internet phone service more flexible, for less

Voice over Internet phone service means every business can now afford an intelligent, modern phone system

Network connectivity including wireless

We cable your business needs. Local wiring for computer hardware, wireless or internet connection including fibre.

Electrical work

We use a registered well know electrical contracting company that can carry out all electrical services. This includes all electrical wiring and services.

VPN – Virtual Private Network.

We can help you work from anywhere – Home, internet café, mobile devices and even from your car.

Be Mobilise

We can help you be fully mobilised with the correct devices.


Do you have problems communicating with phone and internet providers? Let us help and take away your frustration.

CCTV and Surveillance

We supply and install Camera’s and DVR’s

Data Recovery

We have mange to get data back from many hardware devices such as, Servers, Laptops, desktops, USB sticks, cameras and any other device that hold photos and data – including SQL. If we can’t get your data back then there’s no change.

Internet and Security

The Internet gives us access to enormous source of information and is crucial for any business today. We can help you make sure you have the right protection in place and configure your needs.

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