We offer a network design service that illustrates on the widespread experience within the company to provide innovative solutions.

We realise that the skill sets required to produce market leading solutions, and fully understand the technologies being implemented, are expensive to maintain in-house and extremely difficult to find.

We provide a phased and structured approach to all network design solutions: Information Gathering – detailed investigations into the needs and objectives of the design, both from a technical and business perspective.

Design – production of high level designs to meet all client objectives and will be based on the information gathered in the previous stage. In the simplest of cases, this can be a single proven design structure or multiple designs with advantages and disadvantages for the more complicated scenarios. Designs include full technical report and jargon-free.

Approval – The high level designs are submitted to the client for review, detailing all constraints, benefits and potential issues. Upon approval a project plan can be formulated.

Detailed – Producing complete design specifications and configuration for the successful implementation of the network infrastructure. This includes a work breakdown structure to look at complicated tasks and structuring this in a manageable format detailing the skill level required for each task and taking into account any operational constraints.