About Us


i-tech NZ limited is a company specialising in IT (Information Technology), ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and Networking solutions. We provide you, our customers, advice and consultancy to customise the computing technology to enhance your current way of working.

Working with our technology and business partners, we aim to provide a wide variety of highly innovative solutions.

Our solutions and over 25 years of IT experience will provide our customers effective, rapid and secure access to their company data and applications they need to gain the business outcomes they desire.

Our IT Staff can provide you with personalised IT consultancy. Every IT consultancy programme is carefully adapted to your particular needs. This is the ideal way for our IT consultants to help you effectively and efficiently solve any specific IT problem that you may have. Our IT consultants can work from our premises, at your sites, or at any convenient location close to you.

i-tech is business focused on the appearance of visible sections in the market place for IT Support, Consultancy, Internet appliances, mobile & wireless technology. i-tech (NZ) has been established to take advantage of this new opportunity.